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Aug 15,2021

How Local Business Owners Can Optimize Their Google Places Business Listing

How Local Business Owners Can Optimize Their Google Places Business Listing


Did you know that Google Places is the easiest and fastest way to get your local business listed in the top 7 searches on any major search engine? And all for free? And using information that you as a business owner already has on the tip of your fingers?


You may be wondering how I can possibly make these claims. Well consider this awesome fact: anytime someone enters local search terms into Google ( that means those search terms referring to a town or city or state or zip code), it automatically triggers Google to display  Google Map listings on its first page of search results and those listing cover up to 30% of the screen.  Every other search result related to WebPages, videos and images gets pushed further down, so that makes Google Places an incredible marketing strategy for any local business.


Here is a list of basic information you already know as a local business owner that by correctly submitting will increase your chances of high rankings.


  1. Business Name
  • Official registered business name, mailing address, phone number and website URL
  1. Business Category
  • You can choose up to 5 categories to describe your business niches
  1. Hours of Operation
  2. Payment Options your clients have when they buy from you
  3. Photos- already on your webpage, on your camera or on your walls to be simply uploaded
  4. Videos- already on your webpage or on your YouTube account, or your video recorder


But that’s only the tip of the iceberg. This next set of information will be like feeding steroids to your business listing. It all revolves around a very simple yet often overlooked principle: your business’s unique selling proposition i.e. the things that set your business apart from your competition in very unique ways that will make a customer choose you over them.


Submit your USP details in the area called ‘Additional Details’. Go through this list and the examples provided to jog your creativity:

  • Pricing- Moderate, $15 buffet. $30/month
  • Facilities and amenities- kid friendly, free parking, valet service
  • Handicap accessibility- handicap accessible
  • Areas of specialty- plastic surgery, pet grooming
  • Delivery- free delivery, delivery in Bay area only
  • Locations served- serving downtown LA only
  • Currency- USD, Cash only, Cash and Credit
  • Significant achievements – Voted Best Bank in Norfolk County
  • Type of clients- 3-5yrs, over 18
  • Products or services offered- commercial painting, foreclosure assistance
  • Nearby landmarks or attractions of interest- 1 mile from New York Museum
  • Well known clients- State legislature, Governors Mansion, Bruce Willis
  • Endorsements, TV Features- As seen on NBC, featured on Oprah Winfrey Show
  • Policies/Values/Ethics – equal opportunity employer


As you can see, optimizing your business listing is something you can do very easily as a local business owner if you creatively describe the special attributes of your business.