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Aug 15,2021

25 Ways to Market Your Local Business Website

25 +1 Ways To Market Your Local Business Website 


  1. Create a Facebook fanpage -Invite friends, upload content, photos, videos etc
  2. Have a Facebook icon link on your webpage
  3. Create a YouTube account and upload videos. Have your business url included in description box and embedded in the video
  4. Have a YouTube icon link on your webpage
  5. Join Twitter-get social and keep your followers informed on special offers and events
  6. Have a Twitter icon link on your webpage
  7. Join your professional association in your local state and attend networking events. Give out your business card
  8. Join online  business directories that are relevant to your niche
  9. Participate in online forums related to your niche
  10. Write a 400word article every day and submit it to an article directory
  11. Write a compelling author resource box with your business url link and use it in all your articles and forum postings
  12. Write a report or e-book and offer it as a free gift to subscribers
  13. Install RSS feeds to inform people on your new articles, blogs, tweets and web content
  14. Engage in email marketing sending regular newsletters to your list
  15. Use your email list to finance your purchases through “pre-order” sales
  16. Engage in joint ventures with businesses offering complimentary services
  17. Perform email list swaps with business associates
  18. Advertise your website in your brick and mortar shop to your customers
  19. Link your business website to similar businesses of quality reputation
  20. Create a Google places business listing and optimize it
  21. Insert Geotags or Google Map in your website
  22. Invest in yourself by reading widely and improving your expert status in your niche
  23. Sign up for free newsletters, webinars and other informative resources that will give you ideas and provide a platform for you to participate in discussions and forums.
  24. Have excellent customer service responding quickly and politely to customers.
  25. Post free ads on free ad websites like Craigslist.
  26. Send free text messages from your email account to your customers’ cell phones promoting your business products and services.